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Commercial Transportation at Dow Automotive Systems: Engineering Targeted Solutions for Next-Generation Trucks & Buses

Horgen, Switzerland - September 21, 2010

A global team of experts at Dow Automotive Systems provides decades of experience to manufacturers of trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles, helping them solve demanding challenges relating to fuel efficiency, emissions control, safety, quality, durability, and manufacturing efficiency and cost around the world.  Core competencies for the commercial transportation industry include one of the broadest polymer technology materials portfolios, providing customers with a wide range of advanced adhesives, sealants, specialty composite formulations, elastomers, corrosion-resistance solutions, interior trim and skins, seating components, and thermal and acoustical management products and systems. 

Drawing upon the vast chemicals, materials and engineering expertise of The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Automotive Systems also provides customers with advanced diesel particulate filters, brake fluids and a design/engineering approach that helps customers translate materials and processing concepts into customized applications that simplify manufacturing while optimizing commercial vehicle performance. 

Global Reach, Local Attention

With sales, technical support, engineering and manufacturing centers located in North and South America, Europe, Asia and South Africa, Dow Automotive Systems' team of commercial vehicle experts can be found everywhere that Tier-level and OEM customers need help solving problems and reducing costs.  Many products and system solutions are exclusively designed to meet local and regional needs, but every customer benefits from Dow Automotive Systems' global network of technology development, applications expertise and supply chain logistics.

Customized Solutions from Concept/Design to Manufacturing/Application
Supported by Dow's Material Engineering Center (MEC), Advanced Engineering Centers and System Houses, Dow Automotive Systems works closely with commercial vehicle customers to develop optimal solutions, assisting with project management, functional analysis, concept/design/validation, materials testing and selection, processing and applications testing. This concept-to-launch approach encompasses targeted aspects of parts design and prototyping, tool design and application testing/validation under simulated - CAD/CAE, FEA, FMEA - and actual conditions.  The breadth and depth of Dow's resources assures customers of world-class engineering capabilities, decades of applications know-how, and the logistics and supply chain management of a global leader to help them produce trucks and buses that are lighter, safer, more fuel efficient, durable and comfortable.

Products and solutions

  • Glass Bonding Systems: Dow Automotive Systems' industry-leading glass bonding systems are designed to make windshields and bus windows an integral part of vehicle safety by improving structural integrity.  Compatible with all vehicle production processes, BETASEAL™ bonding systems also improve vehicle crashworthiness and reduce contact corrosion.
  • Structural Adhesives: BETAMATE™ structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners in roofs, floors, body panels, and side panels to improve durability and reduce processing costs for bonding a wide range of materials - plastics, composites, glass, steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and magnesium alloys.  Crash-durable BETAMATE adhesives help conserve energy while increasing vehicle stiffness, reducing up to 50 percent of spot welds while eliminating significant weight through design and materials optimization
  • Adhesive/Seam Sealers: A growing portfolio of BETAMATE and BETAFILL™ adhesive/seam sealers provide customers with a wide range of properties for bonding, sealing, filling and finishing components made with a variety of materials: coated metals, bare aluminum, stainless steel, fiber-reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, and ceramic enamel components. 
  • Adhesive Films: Heat- and pressure-activated INTEGRAL™ adhesive films are widely used for contoured areas and deep draw adhesion for continuous in-line lamination, extrusion and bonding/heated match molding for applications such as headliners, door trim, and truck liners.
  • Acoustical, Structural, Corrosion-Resistant & Energy Management Foams: BETAFOAM™ structural foams are engineered to selectively stiffen body cavities for energy management applications and as a barrier against airborne noise and corrosion.  BETAFOAM NVH systems are designed to manage noise and vibration while contributing to structural integrity. 
  • Seating Foams:  Dow Automotive Systems offers a wide range of flexible polyurethane foams for commercial vehicle seating, including the latest generation of SPECFLEX™ ultra-low emission seating systems designed to meet the most rigorous regulations for air quality, as well as long-term aging requirements set by premium OEMs.  This series is made using Dow's VORANOL™ VORACTIV™ advanced polyol grades.  All SPECFLEX foams are water-blown, with no CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances.
  • Epoxy- and Polyurethane-based Composite Formulations: Compatible with glass and carbon fiber reinforcement, ultra fast-curing epoxy composite solutions are designed for structural applications such as engine hoods, roofs, and structural body-in-white components.  Directly paintable with a high-quality surface finish, these composites can reduce component weight by up to 40 percent compared with steel, with cycle times as low as 10 minutes.  SPECTRIM™ reaction moldable polymers are used in components molded with reaction injection molding (RIM), SRIM, low-density RRIM and long fiber injection (LFI) operations. SPECTRIM reaction moldable polymers help enable cost-effective, lightweight, innovative vehicle parts with substantial design flexibility.
  • Elastomers:  ENGAGE™ polyolefin elastomers offer the flexibility and toughness of synthetic rubber with the processability of plastics in applications ranging from tubing, hoses and seat bellows to those that require mitigation of noise, vibration and harshness.  AUTOTHANE™ microcellular polyurethane elastomers are designed to manage impact, shock and vibration, particularly as spring aids.
  • Diesel Particulate Filters: AERIFY™ diesel particulate filters offer a unique microstructure with high porosity that improves engine performance while increasing fuel efficiency, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and achieving regulatory compliance at lower costs in commercial trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.  AERIFY DPF is an advanced ceramic material with a unique microstructure that offers significant weight reduction and enables 30 to 50 percent lower back pressure versus conventional materials.
  • Brake Fluids: Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of brake fluid technology, with a complete line of DOT3, DOT4, and DOT5.1 brake fluid products that meet and exceed OEM requirements. 

Innovating Future Solutions

As commercial vehicle manufacturers continue to search for cost, performance, regulatory and competitive answers, Dow Automotive Systems is committed to helping them with advanced materials and systems solutions, modular processing, engineering expertise, as well as decades of applications know-how around the world.  As part of The Dow Chemical Company, Dow Automotive Systems is dedicated to continuously developing innovative new materials, systems and processing solutions that contribute significantly to helping commercial transportation customers achieve their goals.

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About Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of polyurethanes,  elastomers, films, fluids, adhesives, emissions solutions and acoustic-management materials to the global transportation industry.  By working collaboratively with passenger vehicle, commercial transportation and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive Systems is developing industry-leading solutions to address a wide range of critical market needs - increasing energy efficiency, improving safety and health, reducing exhaust emissions and enhancing vehicle quality and appeal. For additional information about Dow Automotive Systems, visit

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