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Driver on forest road - Dow Automotive provides the efficiency and power drivers want
  • Energy Efficiency

    • Lightening the Energy Load

Although saving at the pump still matters, today's drivers also are interested in saving resources and contributing to a healthier planet.

Dow Automotive Systems offers a range of high-performance solutions that enhance vehicle structural integrity while allowing for down-gauging of steel or the reduction or elimination of welds and mechanical fasteners – thereby reducing vehicle weight and enhancing fuel efficiency. In addition, we are committed to a future of helping our customers develop non-fossil-fuel technologies and to working with them to bring them to market as soon as possible.

Losing Weight, Gaining Efficiency

Dow Automotive Systems is helping manufacturers reduce vehicle weight – and, in turn, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact – with products like:

  • BETAMATE™ LESA helps eliminate two steps from the manufacturing process, reducing bonding cost and complexity. When used on front-end carriers to bond polypropylene molding to a metal reinforcement, BETAMATE LESA replaces mechanical fasteners such as rivets and heat stakes and provides up to 20 percent weight reduction.

  • BETAMATE™ 2K (2-component) polyurethane adhesives offer flexibility and simultaneous stability to bond dissimilar materials, enabling the use of lightweight materials to reduce vehicle weight and enhance energy efficiency. BETAMATE 2K adhesives can also simplify assembly processes and minimize production costs.

  • BETAFOAM™ structural foams deliver improved crashworthiness and better acoustic performance and cavity sealing. In some cases, the use of BETAFOAM structural foam has enabled more than 36 pounds of net mass reduction per vehicle while maintaining safety performance.

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