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Our superior OEM-quality products can help you repair to "like new" condition, and our innovative technologies mean faster safe drive-away times – even in blazing heat or bone-chilling cold. Boost your own business by getting your customers back in business faster.

Glass and collision repair centers worldwide depend on Dow Automotive Systems to deliver industry-leading technology and services for replacement glass bonding for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars and trucks to buses, recreational vehicles and off-road vehicles. We also are the leading supplier of body repair adhesives in Europe.

Fast and Crash–Proven

Dow Automotive Helps to Win Gold at 2013 Auto Glass Technician


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BETASEAL™ urethane glass bonding adhesives are used to install auto glass in the majority of all new vehicles worldwide - or more than 30 million factory installations per year. So when you're looking for adhesives to restore windshield/windscreen structures to the original strength and specification, BETASEAL is the perfect choice.

Simplify and Save

BETAPRIME™ urethane primers allow you to save money and reduce inventory with a single primer that promotes adhesion to vehicle bodies and inhibits rust in small nicks and scratches.

Efficient, Compatible and Cost-effective

BETACLEAN™ cleaners provide advanced surface preparation and are a vital
part of the adhesive repair process for direct glazing, as well as sealing and
bonding of body panel repairs. Additionally, BETACLEAN can be used to remove
excess uncured adhesives from a variety of finished and unfinished surfaces.

Repair Like New

Our adhesives, fillers and sealants, such as BETAMATE™ adhesives for increased
structural performance, help you make repairs as good as new from bumpers to
body panels and from plastic to steel.


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Did you know the windshield plays a crucial role in your air bag safety system?

It can account for up to 50 percent of the vehicle’s structural strength and supports your car’s roof in the event it rolls over.

BETASEAL™ adhesives are used to install windshields on nearly every U.S. vehicle and two-thirds of all vehicles manufactured worldwide. They help restore a vehicle to its original strength and retain a windshield during a crash.