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Green Car- Dow Automotive can help you go the distance
  • Lightweighting

    • Mass reduction for mass production

Breakthrough Lightweighting Technologies

Lightweighting is here to stay and Dow Automotive Systems delivers experienced experts and a proven portfolio to meet your specifications. For example, more than 7 billion meters of BETAMATE™ structural adhesives have been applied by automotive manufacturers since its introduction in 1999.

This is what happens when a mid-size vehicle with 50 meters of BETAMATE is operated for one year:

  • 10 kg primary mass reduction
  • 17 kg total weight savings with mass decompounding
  • .62 percent improvement in fuel efficiency
  • 32.6 kg carbon dioxide reduction

No other supplier can match the lightweighting capabilities of our portfolio. Contact us and we’ll be glad to deliver a lightweighting solution that gives you a competitive advantage.

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Lightweighting Portfolio

BETAFOAM™ structural and acoustical foam

  • BETAFOAM™ structural foams deliver improved crashworthiness and better acoustic performance and cavity sealing. In some cases, the use of BETAFOAM structural foam has enabled more than 36 pounds of net mass reduction per vehicle while maintaining safety performance.

BETAFORCE™ composite adhesives

  • BETAFORCE™ composite adhesives are an ideal choice for joining composites and other dissimilar materials in a variety of lightweight design areas. BETAFORCE can be used to bond coated metals like steel to aluminum, carbon fiber panels to steel or aluminum, sheet molding compound (SMC) to aluminum and more.

BETAMATE™ structural adhesives

VORAFORCE™ epoxy resin system

  • VORAFORCE™ epoxy systems offer extremely low viscosity with industry-leading, ultra-fast cure molding cycles. Results have been excellent using high-pressure resin transfer molding, involving impregnation of carbon fiber preforms.
  • Bringing mass reduction capabilities to mass production facilities, Dow Automotive now supports a 90-second cycle time for resin transfer molding (RTM) with VORAFORCE™ 5300 resin matrix. Complete with an internal release mold package, this product will support lightweighting initiatives, increase manufacturing efficiencies, enable parts integration and can be used with carbon fiber resins. VORAFORCE 5300 is classified as non-toxic, according to REACH 2015 and passed the VDA-278 test for volatile and semi-volatile emissions, making it ideal for interior applications.

Proud sponsor of the NAIAS 2015 Autoline Supplier Symposium Day Two webcast.


Need structural bonding for aluminum lightweight structures?

Our customized BETAMATE™ structural adhesive for aluminum applications offers:

  • Excellent adhesion to pretreated aluminum
  • Superior stress durability
  • Advanced process stability
  • Resistance to degradation and corrosion that comes with environmental aging

We partner with customers to deliver targeted performance attributes for aluminum bonding needs. Contact us to talk about how we can help you achieve your design, manufacturing and sustainability goals.

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Structural adhesive bonding and cavity reinforcements enable weight reduction


Need a 90-second RTM release time and a better way to integrate parts?


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