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  • Lightweighting

    • Mass reduction for mass production

Need a 90-second RTM release time and a better way to integrate parts?

  • Bringing mass reduction capabilities to mass production facilities, Dow Automotive now supports a 90-second cycle time for resin transfer molding (RTM) with VORAFORCE™ 5300 resin matrix. Complete with an internal release mold package, this product will support lightweighting initiatives, increase manufacturing efficiencies, enable parts integration and can be used with carbon fiber resins. VORAFORCE 5300 is classified as non-toxic, according to REACH 2015 and passed the VDA-278 test for volatile and semi-volatile emissions, making it ideal for interior applications.

A Portfolio of Solutions

  • BETAFOAM™ structural foams deliver improved crashworthiness and better acoustic performance and cavity sealing. In some cases, the use of BETAFOAM structural foam has enabled more than 36 pounds of net mass reduction per vehicle while maintaining safety performance.
  • BETAFORCE™ composite adhesives are an ideal choice for joining composites and other dissimilar materials in a variety of lightweight design areas. BETAFORCE can be used to bond coated metals like steel to aluminum, carbon fiber panels to steel or aluminum, sheet molding compound (SMC) to aluminum and more.
  • BETAMATE™ 2-part polyurethane structural adhesives offer flexibility and simultaneous stability to bond dissimilar materials, enabling the use of lightweight materials to reduce vehicle weight and enhance energy efficiency. BETAMATE 2K adhesives can also simplify assembly processes and minimize production costs.
  • BETAMATE™ structural adhesives replace body welding with bonding and bond dissimilar metal or composite materials in lightweight designs.
  • VORAFORCE™ epoxy systems offer extremely low viscosity with industry-leading, ultra-fast cure molding cycles. Results have been excellent using high-pressure resin transfer molding, involving impregnation of carbon fiber preforms.
  • DowAksa carbon fiber can be used to manufacture lightweight carbon fiber components in combination with VORAFORCE epoxy systems.

Solutions for the Global Lightweighting Challenge

Meeting mandated carbon dioxide emissions and fuel efficiency requirements is a difficult challenge when working with traditional materials such as steel or aluminum sheet metal. Significant vehicle weight reduction can be achieved with many solutions from Dow Automotive Systems, including structural adhesives, foams and composite technologies.

For example:

  • Our highly durable carbon fiber and epoxy-based composites are used in many applications that deliver weight savings, emission reductions and energy efficiency.
  • We are the only manufacturer to combine this with adhesive solutions and expertise to enable structural composite bonding.
  • Our adhesives help improve vehicle structural integrity while replacing or reinforcing mechanical fasteners and welds.
  • And our structural foams can be used to achieve additional strength while reducing weight.

We also understand the secondary mass decompounding benefits of lightweighting. Contact us and we’ll gladly work with you to reduce overall vehicle body and secondary system mass for a competitive advantage.

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