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  • BETAMATE™ Structural Adhesives

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Reducing Vehicle Weight and Enhancing Durability

Providing high performance adhesion to a vast range of materials, BETAMATE™ structural adhesives can help improve vehicle durability and reduce weight while providing cost savings. BETAMATE structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners, helping reduce fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners.


  • Contributes to lightweight design flexibility and safety of the whole vehicle
  • Joins dissimilar and hard-to-weld substrates, including high-strength steel, aluminum and magnesium
  • Improves durability by reducing fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners
  • Seals against environmental conditions that cause corrosion
  • Potential to lower cost by reducing welds and gauge, without losing mechanical properties
  • Lab- and full-vehicle testing of new-generation crash-resistant structural adhesives show improved crash-resistant performance without any weight increase


The ability to join similar and dissimilar substrates makes BETAMATE structural adhesives ideal for use in door, hood, deck lid flanges, engine compartments, cockpits, roof panels, rails, trailer flooring and other load-bearing members.

BETAMATE™ LWR lightweight reinforcement is an expandable, toughened epoxy adhesive for body-in white structures, chassis and closures. Designed for application in the body shop, this adhesive has a customizable expansion profile of up to 150 percent and can be applied by stream, swirl or bead.

Application Methods

As a continuous bondline, swirled, sprayed and extruded. Technical Service and Development is offered to assure proper application techniques.


For additional information on how Dow Automotive materials can be applied to meet your specific needs please contact us.

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