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BETAFOAM™ 89100-89120
  • BETAFOAM™ 89100-89120

BETAFOAM acoustical and structural foams manage noise and vibration and also contribute to vehicle structural integrity.

BETAFOAM 89100-89120 are two components used to make a low-density, all-water blown rigid polyurethane foam. These components were engineered to produce foam for providing barrier protection against airborne noise, as well as cavity blocking against water, dust and gases. Foam is produced by the rapid mixing of both components under high shear conditions. These components were formulated for fast reaction and high volume expansion. The foam has adhesion to primed metal surfaces.
Product Benefits:

  • Foam will fill any cavity shape and contour/three dimensional seal
  • Foam does not require re-design after sheet metal changes
  • Complete flexibility for new vehicle platforms
  • Low MDI emissions reduce ventilation needs

Application: BETAFOAM 89100-89120 is used to produce foam for blocking automotive body cavities that convey airborne noise into the passenger compartment.

Application Method:
BETAFOAM 89100-89120 can be pumped from bulk containers into heated meter mix equipment. The proper mix ratio is in turn dispensed manually or robotically through an impingement mix gun.

OEM Specifications:
BETAFOAM 89100-89120 meet Chrysler MS-CD643 and Change D GM 9986183/9986184/9986185 specifications.

Material Type:
Acoustical foams



BETAFOAM Structural Enhancement on door frame




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