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BETAMATE™ 73312-73313
  • BETAMATE™ 73312-73313

BETAMATE technology provides a high performance bonding solution for a variety of substrates. BETAMATE structural adhesives replace welds and mechanical fasteners and reduce fatigue and failure commonly found around spot welds and fasteners. BETAMATE technology is used in the earliest stage in body design to make it stiffer, safer, lighter and better crash resistant.

BETAMATE 73312-73313 is a two-component system used to produce a toughened structural epoxy adhesive. This system was developed primarily for use in bonding aluminum, but may also be utilized when bonding magnesium, cold rolled steel and electro-galvanized steel.  The mix ratio for this system is two to one by volume.

Product Benefits:

  • Provides a low-cost, durable solution for structural joining application
  • Increases stiffness, crash- and corrosion resistance
  • Contributes to lightweight design by minimizing weight
  • Can minimize costs by reducing expensive weld points and enabling the use of thinner metal sheets without losing mechanical properties
  • Excellent adhesion to automotive steel, including coated steel and aluminum
  • Protects joints against corrosion

Application: BETAMATE 73312/73313 can be used for replacing welds, and/or mechanical fasteners in hem flange and lap joint applications.

Application Methods:
BETAMATE 73312/73313 can be pumped with a follower plate from bulk containers into standard meter mix equipment. The proper mix ratio is in turn dispensed manually or robotically through a static mixer equipped gun.

Material Type:



BETAMATE bonding