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  • PAPI™ 27 MDI

PAPI polymeric MDIs are polymethylene polyphenylisocyanates that contains MDI and are highly versatile products for semi-flexible foam applications such as instrument panel and interior trim applications. PAPI 27 polymeric MDI has a narrow molecular weight distribution and a high reactivity. Applicable to many foam processes, PAPI 27 polymeric MDI is compatible with rigid polyether and polyester polyols, making it suitable for a full range of low- to high-density semi-rigid foams, rigid foams, and structural RIM processing.

PAPI 27 polymeric MDI is highly versatile due to its low viscosity

Product Benefits:

  • Highly versatile
  • Suitable to full range of low- to high-density semi-rigid foams, rigid foams and structural RIM processing
  • Better flow into molds for semiflexible and integral skin foam


Interior trim, seating, instrument panels, adhesives, elastomers, cushioning, and a wide range of other automotive applications

Application Methods: Hot and Cold Molding. Open and Closed Pour . HR (High Resilience) Molding, Formulating (Systems), Pour In Place, DBL-RF, Flexible Molding, Flexible Slabstock

Material Type: Polymeric MDI

Availability: North America


Commercial Transportation